Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Digital Overlays

In a recent DIGI class I taught the girls how to create overlays from paper. Here is an example I made for the class. Below is the paper we used to make the first overlay.
To create overlays in Storybook 4.0
1. Add patterned paper to project. With paper selected, go to "Color" tab & click on "Brightness & Light." Drag the contrast slider all the way to the right to 100.
2. With paper still selected, go to "Format = Filters = Stylize." Select "Threshold" filter & adjust slider to liking.
3. With paper selected, go to "Insert" & choose "Rubber Stamp." Adjust threshold & coverage sliders to liking & choose a pattern (standard).
4. Once rubber stamp is created, delete original image. Now you can recolor the overlay to suit your project. Adjusting the opacity will help blend your overlay into your background.

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